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トピック: My QuickBooks won’t open, how do I fix it?

My QuickBooks won’t open, how do I fix it? 5 日 5 時間 ago #6844

Well, if your QuickBooks won’t open, then the reason could be corrupted or damaged company files, or the file is already open in other systems with a multi-user network. However, it can be quickly resolved sometimes by restarting your computer and then open the QuickBooks files. If the problem persists, then open the Windows task manager and click the “Processes” tab and search the “QBW32.exe” file and then click “End Process”. You should also verify if your QuickBooks software is working for that press and hold the “Ctrl” key and then double click the QuickBooks icon on your desktop until the message appears “No company file is open”.
You should take the help of experts if still your QuickBooks won’t open.