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So what's this wisdom of the body? Most folks have felt our bodies buzzing after an honest workout session, after sexual love or after some exhilarating experience. That buzz is vital force energy - a sort F Burn Plus Keto of living, flowing intelligence, or wisdom as i have been pertaining to it. this is often an equivalent intelligence or wisdom which animates and coordinates the billions of processes that are happening every moment in our bodies that, multiplied together, equal life for us. Our Planet may be a dynamic, self-organizing, living system a bit like we are. The wisdom of our bodies may be a subset of the Intelligence which animates and coordinates that global living system. then by connecting with the vital force energy in our bodies, we create an uplink to the huge Intelligence which animates and coordinates not only the life on this Planet, but the lifetime of the earth itself.As a dynamic, self-organizing, living system our Planet does what all dynamic, self-organizing, living systems do. It trends towards greater and greater levels of complexity and better levels of organization. Our Planet is changing and evolving, and thru our connection thereto , it's exerting pressure on us to entrain to its rhythms and evolve with it. This pressure to evolve is exerted on us through the varied elements in our surroundings . In my experience the influenza virus is just one among the weather of our surroundings that's exerting pressure on us to evolve. Having