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neonskyltar 5 日 4 時間 ago #6111

You've Got Display Options. Okay, I know that statement's a little vague, so let me clarify. Many of these illuminated marker boards come with a few ways for you to hang up the panels, leaving it up to you to choose which option works best for your place. You can mount them on the wall with the included hardware, but you also have the option of hanging them from the ceiling. The ceiling option is especially good if you're looking to create a window display that's hanging inside but can be seen from outside of your store. I've also seen some boards out there that are shipped with easels, giving them a really unique display platform.

The Price. I'll be honest here. The price isn't the lowest neonskyltar of the low, but it's still quite affordable, especially if you're looking at the illuminated marker board as an investment and not just a fun toy to write on. For the price you get quite a few benefits, which emphasize the investment part of the purchase. Many models come with the liquid chalk, so you don't have to go out and buy separate packs of pens right away. You'll also be saving money on your signage too, as you won't have to go out to the print shop and dole out cash every time you need to make a change to your information.